Board Information

Throughout the year we’ll be sending email updates to those who’ve provided us with their email addresses. If you’d like to receive these updates, simply send your email address to: Astrid DiGrazia
Community Association Manager or call 239-649-5526. For your convenience, below is a list of our volunteer board members.

              2023-2024 BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Mark Batchelor  President
Greg Johnson    Vice President
Tom Robustelli  Treasurer
Jason Donahue   Secretary
Lutz Jacob      Director/Arc
Jackie Waganer  Director
Will Rudman     Director/Arc
Paul Labonte    Director
Karen Poufcas   Director
Jerry Golf      Director
Colby Cashiola  Director
Wil Rudnam  Chairman
Lutz Jacob
Dana Finnegan
Karen Poufcas
Community Watch
Joe Pereira
Paul Labonte

Property Owners Association