Community Awareness

If you were in attendance at our annual meeting you heard Corporal Jim Spartz of the Collier County Sheriff’s Office talk about reviving the Neighborhood Watch in Lely Country Club. If you believe this is a worthwhile endeavor please step forward to volunteer. Corporate Spartz indicated it is entirely up to our community to manage the program. Initial training will be provided by the Sheriff’s Office. Corporal Spartz indicated this would simply involve a power point presentation outlining the dos and don’ts of Neighborhood Watch volunteers. Those interested in volunteering should contact our Community Association Manager Carolyn Sabin at CSABIN@RESORTGROUPINC.COM. She will pass the information along to Corporal Spartz, and will also inform the LCCPOA board of the group’s existence. The group must elect a “captain” who will then coordinate whatever meetings the group decides to have. Corporal Spartz indicated there is no requirement to meet regularly. Many groups also meet remotely via Zoom or Facebook. If a Neighborhood Watch group is formed it would probably also be a good idea to appoint someone as a liaison to keep the LCCPOA Board of Directors informed of your activities. LCCPOA’s Board would also purchase new Neighborhood Watch signs for our community.


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