What’s a Deed-Restricted Community?

Any community with a registered homeowners association having covenants and rules governing the use of property is known as a deed-restricted community. Simply put, when someone buys a property in such a community, the deed comes with certain protective restrictions.

The goal of deed restriction is to preserve continuity in the neighborhood and to ensure that properties are properly maintained year round. Restrictions designed to benefit the community may include rules governing pets, the upkeep of lawns, the parking of vehicles, architectural modifications, and others.

Florida statutes require sellers or their agents in a deed-restricted community to notify homebuyers by having them sign a document that lets them know there are association fees and rules. It is the responsibility of the buyer to examine the community’s governing documents of existing protective restrictions. Homeowners who purchase in a deed-restricted community agree to abide by these governing documents and, if renting their property, they are responsible to assure their tenants comply.


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